This blog will give interested parties a chance to weigh in on the activities of the Community Guided Planning and Zoning steering committee.

By way of background:

In February, the Maine Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) selected Aroostook County as the initial region to participate in a series of local workshops to help determine overall regional interest and further develop a framework for the community guided planning and zoning process. Recent efforts to improve the effectiveness of managing land use in the unorganized and deorganized areas of Maine have focused in part on the need for more locally guided and proactive planning for these areas. The 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) identifies this type of planning, referred to as prospective zoning, as a priority for implementation.

The members of the committee are Ned Berce, farmer St. Agatha; Mark Draper, Tri-Community Recycling and Sanitary Landfill; William Patterson, The Nature Conservancy; James May, former LUPC Commissioner and retired forester; Sarah Medina, Seven Island Lands Company; Ted Coffin, Irving Woodlands; Cheryl St. Peter, small leaseholder Cross Lake; Doug Beaulieu, County Administrator; Ralph Dwyer, Town Manger Ashland; Candis Nevers, Town Manager Smyrna/Merrill; Fred Corey, Aroostook Band of MicMacs; Kathy Mazzuchelli, Recreation City of Caribou; and David Cambridge, small landowner and business representative from Presque Isle.